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Emergency & long-term shelter is available for women/families in immediate need. Housing is intended for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, etc. *Based on availability


We happily provide local transportation to any/all office appointments, counseling sessions, doctor's appointments, lawyer meetings, and court appearances

*Must be scheduled in advance

Various Support Groups

We offer support groups for those facing common issues. Through the sharing of experiences, participants are able to offer support, encouragement, and comfort to the other group members, and receive the same in return.

Victim Impact  Statements

A victim impact statement is a written or oral statement made as part of the judicial legal process, which allows crime victims the opportunity to speak during the sentencing of the convicted person or at subsequent parole hearings.

Case Management

Representatives are on-staff to help assess, plan, facilitate, evaluate, options and services to meet an individual’s and/or family’s comprehensive needs. We also help victims navigate complex criminal justice and social service systems.

PTSD Classes

Our local Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) class is designed to help individuals manage their PTSD symptoms. Learn skills to encourage and support your loved ones, and resources to support your own quality of life.

Legal Advocacy

Our staff is trained to assist clients with civil legal issues including: preparing paperwork for protection orders, accompanying a victim/survivor to a hearing or other civil proceeding, and all other advocacy within the justice system.

Crime Victim Compensation

The CVC Program helps crime victims and their immediate families with the financial costs of crime. CVC covers crime-related costs such as counseling, medical treatment, funerals, and loss of income not paid by other sources.


Our on-site counselors give clients a safe space to open up about their abusive situations. 

*Navarro Victims Center is a faith-based organization. We provide prayer counseling at the discretion of the client.

Family Violence Classes

Our local Family Violence class is designed to teach individuals on ways to counter domestic violence and abuse by identifying causes of the abuse, offering techniques to diffuse an abusive situation, and education on legal resources.

Protective Orders

 Our team will walk you through the process of getting a protective order in place. It is a legal order issued by a magistrate or judge to protect the health and safety of an abused person and his/her family or household members.

Court Prep & Accompaniment

As our client, we are committed to you in all aspects of your case. Our staff is able to help navigate the judicial system. This includes court preparation & accompaniment during court hearings.

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