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Emergency Go Bag and the safest way to get to safety!

Items that a victim needs to place in an emergency go bag. These items are the hardest to replace and can be costly to replace. Please remember that when leaving an abuser, it is the most dangerous time, not just for the Victim and the children trying to get to safety. It is also The Most dangerous call for Police Officer to respond to.

Preparing your go bag ahead of the day of leaving one's abuser is vital.

Items needed in your GO BAG are listed below.

  1. Driver's License or State ID or Tax ID Card

  2. Insurance Cards for all fleeing the abuser.

  3. All Medications for everyone fleeing the abuser.

  4. Birth Certificates for all fleeing the abuser.

  5. SS cards for all fleeing the abuser.

  6. ATM Card or Cash (If you can get it safely)

  7. Enough Clothes for Three Days for all fleeing the abuser.

Our Team Here at Navarro Victims Center Is Here to Help You Live an Abuse Free Life!!

Always Remember NO MATTER what your abuser has told you LAW ENFORMENT WILL HELP YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN GET TO SAFTY!!!! Officers will bring you and your children right to our door! If you are not in our area law enforcement in any area will get you to a safe location.

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